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This beer uses Zambian Barley and African hops. Most modern lagers have
little flavour but our Wild Dog lager challenges the status quo. This beer uses a classic
lager yeast and brewing process to ensure a full flavoured beer taste experience. With a
dry, crisp finish. This is a beer of friendship, good times and enjoying life. A Lager
made our way.

Amber Ale

This beer celebrates an english ale beer in flavour and aroma, an tribute to a classic
English ale done on African soil. This beer uses local Zambian barley malt infused with
caramelised imported speciality malts. This gives a unique deep golden, copper colour
with malty sweetness but dry toasty

White Ale

The White Ale is our seasonal Wheat Beer, made for the time of Oktoberfest. This
wheat and malted barley with our choice of yeast give a fruity flavour of Stone-fruit,
peach and spice. Enjoyed cold.

Shempa Ale

The Shempa Ale combines local Zambian malted barley, cassava and malted
sorghum. The beer is lightly spiced using South African hops. This produces a beer
truly local in flavour with a dry, crisp finish that beckons the next one to be opened and
enjoyed. A beer celebrating our local farmers product. This beer is truly handmade the
Zambian way from start to finish.

Pale Ale

The pale ale recipe is designed to have a fuller body to help carry a slightly raised but
smooth bitterness with a fruity, citrusy aroma to complement it. A beautifully balanced
beer with underlying malty, toasty slight caramel-like notes accentuated with a well-balanced bitterness. A beer that delivers on aroma and taste. A New world beer for a
new world flavor experience.


Our ready-to-drink (RTDs) beverages made to cater to you

Gin & Tonic

Wild Dog is the amalgamation of Passion and international experience Culminating in a craft Gin which is UNIQUE, DELICIOUS, BOLD and above all AFRICA.

Cooper Mule

Cooper Mule is a ready to drink Alcoholic beverage, made with ginger and vodka.

The Wild Dog Masterful Mix 50ml Irish Whiskey, Ice Cubes, 25ml fresh orange juice. Top with Copper Mule and a spring of fresh rosmary

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Tonic Water

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Soda Water

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Soda Water

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Soda Water

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Soda Water

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Soda Water

About Us

A bit about Tiemann Beer explain the reason behind the company and write up.

Organisational structure


Mrs Wendy F. Tiemann

Head of operations and logistics.

She has over experience of over 20 years in the beer and bottled water industry. She has a degree in marketing and sales analysis. She worked for Handymans as a sales manager before she ventured into the manufacturing of bottled drinking water.


Mr Velten A. Tiemann

Head Brewer

He has over 30 years of experience in the wine and beer industry. He has worked in Australia and Germany in the beer industry before he relocated to Zambia to set up his own craft brewery.


Imran Nganjo

Assistant Brewer:

He has over 2 years of experience in the craft beer industry. He is currently pursuing his studies in production management.


John Sipiya

Accounts and Admin manager:

He is qualified accountant with over 15 years of experience in the accounting field. He is a registered member of ZICA. He has been with Tiemann beer from the time it was the business was incorporated. He is in charge of accounting functions and administration

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Prime Joint
Prime Catch Restaurant
Grand Palace Hotel
The Gardens
Zedlander Limited
Orange Tree
Keg & Fig Tree
The Jungle Cocktail


Pick N Pay
Shoprite Checkers
Publix Supermarket
Vivom Makeni
Shoppers 24 Supermarket
Flamingo Supermarket
Four Season Supermarket
The Pantry Food Shoppe
Melisa Kabulonga
Homebiz Mini Mart
Spar Crossroads
Great North Shoppers
Bonaventure Butchery
The Butcher Block


Neelkanth Sarovar Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel

Liquor Stores

Siver 7
The Wine Shop
Nature’s Pub
Domicuz Liquor Sore
Silas General Dealers
T. Trading
The Liquor Store
Mana Oscar

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Gymkhana Club
Angoni Grills
Roan & Sable
Marlin Express
The Villagers
Il Mercato
SGC Investments
Mint Siesta
Tim Vegies
Porps Express
Taste By Roots
Mpoto Yathu